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Brake Line Kits by Techna-Fit® FTS

All lines are built in-house at the time of order and usually ship within 48 hours.

This is a complete stainless steel braided flex line replacement kit which comes complete with all the necessary fittings needed to complete the install.

These kits replace the OEM rubber flex line only, not the hard line.

  • Especially designed for trucks & SUVs
  • Superior hose flexibility
  • Eliminates expansion associated with rubber brake hoses
  • Helps provide a firmer, more consistent brake pedal feel
  • Improves braking system performance under more extreme conditions
  • Reinforced with ARAMID inner braid - the same material used in bulletproof body armor
  • DOT Certified - Designed to Survive!
Buy DOT Certified, to ensure the lines meet or exceed the DOT certification that is outlined in MVSS-1006 specifications. Our lines have been tested in accordance with those specifications and submitted to the Department of Highway Transportation for recognition.
To assure you're buying Techna-Fit's lines and are covered under Techna-Fit's DOT certification look for Techna-Fit's registered FTS mark stamped on the rubber boot of all our assemblies.

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TOYOTA 2006-2012 RAV 4 REAR DISC 4 Line Brake Kit 306120

TOYOTA 2006-2012 RAV 4 REAR DISC 4 Line Brake Kit

Our Price: $115.00