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-3 Stainless Steel Braided Hose for Custom Hose Assemblies 304-CUSTOM-LINE

-3 Stainless Steel Braided Hose - Designed to fit every motorcycle in the market today.
These fittings and lines can be used in any brake line application.

To order your own custom line:
1.) Choose one of 8 stainless steel fittings, shown in the above picture, for each end in the pulldown menu at checkout.
2.) Specify the length of dash 3 hose you desire in the pulldown menu at checkout.
3.) Specify the clocking (fitting positions in relationship to each other) you desire in the pulldown menu at checkout
4.) Choose the color PVC hose covering you desire in the pulldown menu at checkout.

Bolts and washers are not included.
NO RETURNS or REFUNDS on custom assemblies.

Note: To insure the proper hose length; measure along the route you want your line to run using a lightweight wire. Plan your line route so that the lines will not get pinched. The length of the hose should be measured from the outside edge of one fitting to the outside edge of the other, as shown in diagram.
Clocking: Using fixed fittings where the installation requires elbow fittings on both ends you need to calculate the degree of angle in the relationship of the two fittings, known as clocking. To do so lay out your assembly horizontally and flat on a table with your left hand on the first end with the banjo flat at 0° position, looking down on the assembly measure the angle counter-clockwise of the fitting position in relationship to the fitting on the other end.
Note: If you are unsure of the clocking email us a photo or mail us a sample of the line you want to duplicate. No Returns or Refunds on custom lines. For further instruction please see diagram in our technical section.

Our Price: $3.00