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There is a fundamental problem with larger sizes of standard, smooth bore PTFE hose products - as the hose size increases above 1/4", so smooth bore PTFE lined hose become significantly less flexible, and more easily kinked. One solution is to use a conventional convoluted PTFE lined hose, but the internal convolution make the hose difficult to assemble, and reduces fluid flow rates due to turbulent flow.
Hyperline FX is a new and revolutionary solution to all these problems, providing a unique and patented hose liner design which is flexible in the larger bore sizes, yet which retains a smooth bore.
The advantage of a smooth bore as compared with a convoluted bore is that it is easy clean, and does not create 'turbulent flow', which drastically reduces fluid flow rates.

Stainless Steel Wire Braid (SS Grades)
The braid protects the PTFE liner tube against internal pressure and mechanical abuse.

Temperatures and Pressures:
TechnaFlex I, SS Grades - The MWP listed above should be reduced by 1% for each 1°C above 160°C (1% for each 1.8°F above 320°F) up to a maximum of 260°C (500°F).

Vacuum Resistance:
Hyperline FX, SS Grades are fully vacuum resistant up to 130°C (266°F).

Excellent Flow Rates:
Compared with conventional convoluted hose designs, Hyperline FX I has excellent flow rates due to the smooth bore, which prevents the turbulent fluid flow which occurs in convoluted hose products.

Reduced Diffusion Rates:
Hyperline FX is much more resistant to diffusion of liquids or gases than other PTFE hose products, due to its highly compressed, non-porous PTFE matrix. Hyperline FX has been successfully tested to SAE J1737 for resistance to automotive fuel diffusion.

Non-Stick Internal Surface:
Hyperline FX hose has a smooth bore, non-stick liner which is effectively 'self-cleaning', and which resists material build-up inside the hose which may cause bore constriction.