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To All Techna-Fit’s Direct Customers,

The state of California Proposition 65 requires a warning label on any product sold in the state of California believed to contain cancer-causing chemicals. California has a list of over 900 chemicals that are listed as potentially causing cancer. While many of these chemicals are found in common things such as paint or various plating processes, which would include many products sold by
Techna-Fit, whether or not the levels are high enough to meet the California standards requiring a warning are unknown.

No Warning Label is required if “no significant risk” is involved.
The criteria for “no significant risk” is as follows:

The law defines “no significant risk” as a level of exposure that would cause no more than 1 extra case of cancer in 100,000 people over a 70-year lifetime. So a compound can be unlabeled if a person exposed to the substance at the expected level for 70 years is estimated to have a 1 in 100,000 chance or less of getting cancer due to that exposure.

In the interest of protecting all of our customers against even the remote possibility of contact with a cancer causing chemical, we will be applying the Proposition 65 warning labels to ALL of Techna-Fit’s items.

If you have a catalog, an online store, or any other form of advertising of our products that potentially would be seen by a customer in the state of California, the Proposition 65 Warning must accompany the photo or listing of every Techna-Fit item. See below.

It is not our choice to involve our valued resellers, but California’s regulations provide for no exceptions.

Thank for your understanding and cooperation,

Techna-Fit, Inc.


Techna-Fit requests the following reseller actions and inclusion of the following, pre-sale on product, Internet and catalog warnings for each Techna-Fit item that may be sold to California residents or foreseeably distributed within California.

1. Not cover, obscure, remove, or alter a Proposition 65 warning label that Techna-Fit will be affixing to all products and/or packaging.

2. For internet sales, clearly and prominently display the following Prop 65 warning, or a clearly marked hyperlink to the warning within each product listing/display page in a font and type size at least equal to that used for other consumer information and never smaller than 6 point.

Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

3. For catalog sales or other advertising, clearly and prominently display the above Prop 65 warning in your catalog in a manner that clearly associates it with the Techna-Fit item being purchased. The warning for each product listing must be in a font and type size at least equal to that used for other consumer information and never smaller than 6 point.


California’s Prop 65 regulations no longer permit consumers to have to search your catalog or online sites for a Prop 65 warning within the general website or product category listings. California’s Prop 65 regulations further provide that as a seller of these products with likely distribution to California residents, you as a distributor are responsible for assuring the terms and placement of the Techna-Fit warning examples as provided herein.

Per Prop 65 guidelines, Techna-Fit will contact you annually regarding any changes to these Prop 65 warnings and to confirm your understanding of these warning responsibilities.